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Kosher WhatsApp Access Package

Kosher WhatsApp Access Package

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Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues seamlessly using SafeTelecom's Kosher WhatsApp Access subscription. Enjoy the convenience of WhatsApp messaging directly on your SafeTelecom device while maintaining your privacy, security and standards. This subscription provides access to both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for comprehensive communication options.

Key Features:

  1. WhatsApp Messaging: Send and receive messages, photos, videos, and more through WhatsApp on your SafeTelecom device.
  2. WhatsApp Business Integration: Manage your business communications efficiently with access to WhatsApp Business features alongside regular WhatsApp messaging.
  3. Privacy Protection: KosherOS ensures your privacy by default, blocking WhatsApp's Channels feature to prevent unwanted messages and distractions.
  4. Optional Status Update Blocking: Customize your experience by opting to block WhatsApp status updates as well. Simply request this option in the comment box during checkout.

How It Works:

  1. Subscribe to SafeTelecom's WhatsApp Access subscription and receive access to both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on your device.
  2. Enjoy secure and private messaging with the default blocking of WhatsApp Channels feature.
  3. If you prefer to also block WhatsApp status updates, indicate your preference in the special instructions box during checkout.

    Subscription Details:

    • One-time Subscription: $25

    Connect with your loved ones while maintaining control over your messaging experience with SafeTelecom's Kosher WhatsApp Access add-on. Subscribe today and experience hassle-free communication on your terms!

    Please note: If you are part of a custom App Store package through a school or organization, there may be rules that prevent this upgrade. Please check with your account administrator to verify if this upgrade is available to you

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