KosherOS Apps

Every SafeTelecom phone comes equipped with essential apps like Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Messages, and Recorder at no extra cost, ensuring you're ready to go right out of the box.

Explore our range of add-on KosherOS App Store packages designed to enhance your mobile experience. Choose from productivity tools, entertainment apps, and more to customize your device to suit your lifestyle.

Unlock the full potential of your SafeTelecom phone with one of our App Store packages listed below:

  • Mehadrin

    • No App Store
    • No Email
    • Our Most Kosher Option!
  • Waze

    • Waze Only, No Other Apps
    • Optional Email
    • Maintain Your Standards!
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  • Basic

    • Torah
    • Navigation
    • Weather
    • Judaism Tools
    • Includes 160+ Apps
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  • Plus

    • All Basic Apps
    • Banking
    • Money Mangement
    • Local Shopping
    • Includes 360+ Apps
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  • Premium

    • All Plus and Basic Apps
    • Cloud Sync and Storage
    • Business
    • Printing
    • Includes 500+ Apps
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  • WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is available in any of these stores for an additional one-time fee.

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