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Kosher Google Pixel 8 BYOD - KosherOS Installation Service

Kosher Google Pixel 8 BYOD - KosherOS Installation Service

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Experience the full power and protection of KosherOS on your Google Pixel 8! With our BYOD program, you can bring your own Google Pixel 8 device and have it programmed with KosherOS for a secure and seamless experience.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to get started:

  1. Purchase a Google Pixel 8 directly from the Google Store here, from Best Buy here, or from Amazon here. We can only work with very specific models of these devices, so it's important to buy from these specific vendors, ensuring that the device is truly unlocked and compatible with our koshering process.
  2. Place the order in your own name, but set the shipping address to our SafeTelecom Queens headquarters: 7513 147th Street, Flushing, NY 11367
  3. Once you place your order with Google, Best Buy or Amazon, please email us the tracking information to This will allow us to know when to expect your device.
  4. Purchase this BYOD package.
  5. Once we receive your device, we will program it within 1-2 business days and ship back to you.
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