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Email Access Package

Email Access Package

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Enhance your email experience with SafeTelecom's Email Package! Gain access to popular email services including Gmail, Outlook, and VMware Boxer—all at no cost. Please note that SafeTelecom devices do not come with email preinstalled, so this package needs to be selected if you want access to email services.

Key Features:

  1. Gmail Access: Manage your emails efficiently with Gmail's intuitive interface and powerful features for personal and business communication.
  2. Outlook Integration: Stay organized with Outlook's robust email management tools, calendar integration, and seamless collaboration features.
  3. VMware Boxer: Experience enhanced productivity with VMware Boxer, offering advanced email capabilities, calendar synchronization, and integrated workflows.

Package Details:

  • Access to Multiple Platforms: Enjoy the convenience of accessing Gmail, Outlook, and VMware Boxer from our platform.
  • Free: Take advantage of this free offer to enhance your email management without any subscription fees.
  • No Commitment Required: Try out the Free Email Package with no strings attached. Upgrade options may be available in the future.

How It Works:

  1. Sign up for SafeTelecom's Email Package to gain instant access to Gmail, Outlook, and VMware Boxer.
  2. Configure your email accounts within the respective apps to start managing your emails, calendars, and tasks seamlessly.
  3. Explore the features and functionalities of each platform to optimize your email communication and productivity.

Subscription Details:

  • Package Price: Free
  • Upgrade Options: Stay tuned for potential upgrade options and additional features.

Simplify your email management and boost productivity with SafeTelecom's Email Package. Select this package during device setup to access email services on your SafeTelecom device!

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